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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Semillon Tasting - May 27, 2010

Today we started by testing our palates for glucose. Many of us struggled with the low levels of glucose in water, but about three of us got them nearly all correct (1 to 6 g/L glucose). After that we tasted the 2008 Well-Watered Semillon and Drought-Stressed Semillon with different levels of sugar. Most of us correctly identified the sweet (20 g/L) wine but the 5 g/L version (slightly sweet) was more difficult to distinguish. One observation was that the added sugar seemed to diminish the volatile aromas from the wine. It was a mixed bag on which wine was the favorite; there were equal numbers of people who liked the wine with no sugar added, slightly sweetened and very sweet wines. Almost no one disliked the slightly sweet, where as there were equal numbers of people who chose the dry (no sugar added) or very sweet wines as least favorites.

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