Nevada Wine

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Australian vs California Shiraz

Today we discussed maintenance tasks for the vineyard, such as leaf pull and powdery mildew control. In class we tasted Australian and American Shiraz (same as Syrah). The top winner was the Australian 2009 Mollydooker Boxer with the majority of the people highly favorable towards this wine. All wines were very good, but alas our Syrah (which we no longer grow) was not quite in the same league as these wines (we did not oak ours). Other wine favorites were the 2007 Woop Woop and the 2007 Laughing Magpie from Australia. The 2008 Eberle Syrah (Paso Robles, California) and the 2008 Bridgman (Columbia Valley, Washington) from the USA were also quite good. The Cline 2008 Syrah was good but at the bottom of the list, and also at the bottom for price. Sorry if you missed another great tasting. Maybe you can catch the next one.


  1. Australian red wines have unique texture and aromas. I've tried Mollydooker Boxer and Eberle Syrah, I can honestly say that Mollydooker Boxer is a lot better.

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