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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Champagne and Chocolate!

Last night we had a great time tasting four champagnes and pairing them with different chocolates. The four champagnes that we tasted in order were A) Gloria Ferrer Brut ($13.99), B) Bernard Bremont Grand Cru Brut ($37.99), C) Pertois Moriset Grand Cru Brut ($39.99) and D) Louis Bouillot Rose ($14.99). Each of these wines was paired with 4 chocolates: homemade chocolate-covered strawberry (thanks to Jeri Cramer and Mary Beth), chocolate and raspberry homemade chocolate (thanks to Sharon Honig-Bear), Trader Joe's Bittersweet Chocolate Almond Bar (about 59% cacao) and a chocolate brownie bite from Costco. Each of the champagnes and chocolate pairings were picked by someone as their favorite. The biggest winners were the chocolate strawberries and Lois Bouillot Rose with more than 20 people (out of 60) picking these as their favorites. See you next time!

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